Saturday, May 31, 2014

Welcome to K's Days Community


Good morning… :) Have I said lately how muuuccch Charter Business ROCK$…. Its been 120 days since I first publised my web page K's Days Community.

Its still under construction but I am getting there.. So far as of this morning there has been over 24,740 visitors to it. I just want to thank everyone who signed my guestbook and left some of the most awesome comments I could ever have read… I really wanted my web page to be more than just a informational site about Southern Oregon. I wanted to give a little personality to my area. 

Thank you all for your overwhelming support, and helping make my dream come true. :)

OR-7 via- Oregon Wild

OR-7, Oregon’s famous wandering wolf, may have found a mate.


OR-7 was dubbed “Journey” in a naming contest for children sponsored by Oregon Wild in 2011.  The contest, and the incredible story of OR-7’s 3,000 mile odyssey, generated national and international headlines.  The tremendous public interest in Journey, and in wolf conservation efforts in Oregon, stands in stark contrast to controversy over the Obama administration’s use of faulty science in stripping endangered species protections from wolves, and aggressive efforts to once again kill the animals in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  Several of Journey’s siblings were shot and killed by sport hunters in Idaho

Pilot Rock 

After an absence of over half a century, wolves began to take their first tentative steps towards recovery. Having dispersed from Idaho, the native species is once again trying to make a home in Oregon. One of the first sightings came in 1999 when a lone wolf was captured near the middle fork of the John Day River, put in a crate and quickly returned to Idaho by government wildlife agents. In 2000, two wolves were found dead - one killed by a car, the other illegally shot.



Address: 966 SW 6th St, Grants Pass, OR 97526
Phone:(541) 479-7204


Over 85,000 guests enjoy a Hellgate Excursion each year! Interpreted Jetboat tours of the “Wild & Scenic” Rogue River and famous Hellgate Canyon.

Discover Hellgate like never before, as you navigate your way through some of the Rogue’s better white water rapids.  See why your boat has shallow draft, loads of power, and no propeller!  Pushed by the hydro-jet drive's water spray, you’ll jet over just inches of water, to the very edge of the Rogue’s restricted section.  Here, we turn around and head back again through the white water rapids for a repeat performance of this unforgettable experience.  On the exciting trip back, we’ll stop for a meal on an open-air deck at Morrison's Rogue River Lodge

Daily Trip Times:
May 1 thru May 23........9:45 am daily
May 24th thru July 13..... 8:30 am & 2:45 pm daily
July 14 thru Aug 30......... 8:30 am  & 2:45 pm 
Mon - Fri ......................8:30 am Sat & Sun

  • Spectacular Scenery!
  • Safe and fun for all ages
  • Coast Guard Licensed Pilts
Priced from $39 - $64, May – September Located: Grants Pass, OR (45 min North of Ashland on I-5, Exit 58)

Call 1-800-648-4874 or use our on-line reservation system

Welcome to K's Days Community

Hi my name is Krysta and I would like to welcome you to my Web page K’s Days Community. I am proud to introduce K’s Days Community. I designed K’s Days Community to be a fully interactive web page. It’s contents include information, events-calender, many links Where to Go & What to Do..... in Southern Oregon. I hope you enjoy. 

More About me:

I am a proud Oregon native. Born in 1973 and raised locally in Merlin. Much of my free time was spent from early age learning about all that there is to do around here, and where to do them. Winters are slow and uneventful.
I naturally try to hibernate when the rain begins to fall until cabin fever gets the best of me. That when I am encouraged by friends and family to get out and go for a drive to take in the winter sites, otherwise I’d probably miss out on it all. I have two great jobs. My first responsibility is raising my son Mykal who is 23 and adult special needs. I am his caregiver and life skills trainer. In 2008 I began working at Purr-fect Pet, a full service pet store in Grants Pass. Each day for me is filled with learning something new. In addition in March 2012 I started K’s Days. I have a crazy interest in advertising and decided to make my dream come true. My loyalties are for our local area small  business. Many of which are supported seasonally for the most part. I look forward to bringing you current information and events. Many interesting events are happening in my life and with any luck I will get to share them all with you. I hope the time spent here will be as fun and relaxing as one of K’s Days. I invite you to share your comments.
Thank You Krysta Garrison
K’s Days Community